Zoom Session Anyone

Debbie Young offered these kits via NAME roundtables in the summer. I thought the room was cute and decided to get the complete set. She also offered a Zoom session to work on it. I got started on it before the session. It was during this session I realized I wanted two more chairs.


I changed the wallpaper because I didn’t like the holly. I did really like that it was already cut to fit so that would have made things easier. I do like that mine is different from others.


The stairs went together really well with one exception. Possibly I didn’t assemble it correctly. The trim that was added to the railing had a gap at the top of the stairs which just end at the landing. To fix it I did add an extra piece of wood that I tapered to fit between the rail and the top.

Because I changed the wallpaper, I also used a different color for the trim. I picked one that would blend with the wallpaper. However I went for beige rather than a green.

Base and Flooring

One of the kits offered was a box to hold the project. I didn’t realize that it also included pre cut base plus the flooring.

I glued the strips of wood to the subfloor. Once it was dry, I trimmed the extra strips. Well at least I thought it was dry. There was one spot where I had to re-glue the strip. It could be I didn’t add enough glue. I was trying to avoid warping but adding only a stripe of glue as I added a strip of wood.

I used the wood touch up markers by Rejuvenate on my flooring. I used one color and didn’t like it so I switched. Fortunately that was ok as I was able to cover that portion with the stair and wall assembly.

After the stairs were fully assembled and glued to the flooring, I glued the base to the box base using super glue and tacky. I haven’t been a big user of super glue, but it was recommended by Debbie.

Tip on using super glue that will be covered by plastic. Give the super glue extra time to dry before adding the plastic cover. Otherwise as the super glue continues to set/dry, it will outgas and may fog up the plastic.



For the siding I painted it after I glued. I was concerned about warping.


The table was an easy kit to make. I painted it a dark green to match the wallpaper.


Ok, these chairs were interesting. They were laser cut kits. The set is one of each style. I ended up ordering another set of them after the Zoom session. The round back was the hardest. You glued two backs together. When I assembled the round back the second time, I didn’t get my backs lined up properly so it didn’t go together like previously. You have to drop in the outer spokes of the back into holes on the seat. If everything is aligned they go in fairly easily. It was important to hold them in place while gluing. This extra process adds an angle to part of the back and gives a really nice looking chair.

The items on the table were from two kits. One was for the table and the other for the shelf.


For the accessories on the shelf, I found the labels on the cans to be most tedious. It was gluing them on that was the problem. However they do look like canned food to me.

Table items

  • Glasses – laser cut. Had to paint them and add glue to the lens.
  • Laptop – laser cut. Paint and then glue two pieces togehter. Cut out the keyboard and screen which were printies that you glued on. That’s a zoom session going on with Debbie.
  • Lamp – part laser cut, part misc findings. It went together quite well.
  • Cup of tools – mine keeps falling over. The cup is metal and doesn’t like the glue I used.
  • Scissors – laser cut – painted silver
  • House – this wee little house is laser cut. The house itself is easy to assemble, it was the windows that were more intricate to deal with. Had to glue together two layers which makes them look wonderful. Then had to add them into the openings. The porch had this great front railing that needed to line up. I initially didn’t finish the house because the session isn’t finished either.
  • Instructions – printies included with the house kit

The only things missing are a craft knife and a bottle of glue.

Happy miniaturing!


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