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Master Toy Maker

My 6th building from True2scale is the Toy Maker shop. This one is two story and presented the most challenge so far in lighting.


The first floor went fine. I added the grooves and light between the ceiling paper and the second floor just as I did for prior GB buildings I assembled. The wire groove goes down the left side.

First floor wire will go down the left side in a groove I cut
Light sandwich: 2nd floor/LED in a groove cut into the board/hole in ceiling paper

The second floor presented a much greater challenge than before. I decided on two lights: one for each room.

My lighting plan

I put the side room together without gluing to see where I might put the wire grooves. I want to hid them under the white trim.

grooves are for the wires to come down under the trim

Having decided my path I cut the groove on both sides of the first floor.

notch for LED wire to hang from roof peak

Next I needed to decide how the light hangs in the room and how to exit.

the bend of the wire is so it will hang flat/ the other roof piece needed a tiny notch too

I cut a notch in both roof pieces for the wire. The light is bent so it hangs flat. Well that is what I was going for. I also painted the wires gold.

Mistakes Made

Here is where I forgot about interiors. After deciding on where the lights go, I should have finished the wallpaper and the interior window trim. Instead I proceeded with the grooves/lighting.

The grooves and notch.

First light is in place

Having decided on a path, cutting the other side was much easier.

Both lights now in place

Icing the white trim

OK, since this is my 6th build I wanted to try adding the glitter with the trim on the building. Meaning not applying glitter until after the trim is glued to the building. My reason is that some spots have a gap needing paint to cover. My plan was to paint all the gaps before I started adding glitter. Only I forgot. I started the glitter and would find a gap. That’s when I remembered. I did try to cover the gaps with paint but I didn’t find them all.

My conclusion is to go back to what I was doing before: remove trim from motherboard and apply glue then glitter. Clean up as needed and then apply to building. If any gaps apply paint and repeat glue and glitter.

adding glitter

Side Note about Tip Bottles

This is my glue bottle for the entire build. It contains a thin white glue. I’ve tried other types of tip bottles but by far I love this the best. It has a longer tip. It has a nice screw on cap. It has a silicone tip cover that is attached to the bottle.

I purchased a pack of 4 or 6. Can’t remember. It was nice to have the extra since one silicone cap had a hole.

I keep 2 of these filled at all times. One has wood glue and this second one with thin white glue.

To clean the tip when clogged because I’ve left the cap off I use a sewing needle. I have a thin wire attached to the needle to help me keep up with the needle. I keep it in a piece of foam for protection. If I can’t pull it out using my fingers or tweezers then I will use pliers for more strength /grip.

As iI said for these buildings I’ve been using thin white glue. Normally my go to is tacky glue. I hadn’t a small tube that I use for it. I’m not sure about using tacky in these to bottles. Later I may try it. Whenever I need tacky is when I need a quicker hold for slightly heavier things.

Back to glitter and corbels

I added the corbels and painted directly while on the building. They are so tiny I found it easier to paint once glued in place rather than hold with tweezers. I used a fine brush to add white to the front edge only.

corbels painted white, then glue and glitter added

Glue and glitter added.

After shaking off excess glitter often some stayed. I had more to deal with because of waiting to apply glitter once on the building. To remove this excess, I use a dry paint brush to sweep it away. I am considering have some on the roofs once I put everything together in the village.

Interior Furniture

This furniture was fun to make. With exception of the train display. I may have needed to trim the printee more before applying.

look a penguin
find the panda and the lion

I finish up the interiors with all the wallpapers and the window trim. Things I forgot earlier. Add the rugs and then I was ready for move in.

I do jane some soldiers to outside beside the doors. But until the village is made they will be in storage along with the post box.

Here is the finished shop along with the other GB buildings so far. My board is short so I rearrange them.

My temporary village board is running out of room so I did some rearrangement.
the insides
looking from the side to see in the shelves
the workshop – find the panda
the pillow was shaped using a ball stylus from the underside

This with the overhead lights off. Some of the lights are brighter or different by design.

Update 12 27 2022

I decided to add some outside decoration. This is using the greenery and ornaments plus snow. I’m very pleased with how it turned out.

Added swags of greenery outside

First, I used the wire and green flocking to create the swags and then glued to the shop. Next was adding the beads. For this one I went very colorful since this is a toy store. Having the beads on double stick tape in the lid was quite helpful for picking colors I wanted to use. I have my glue on my thumbnail for easy reach.

Comments are welcome.

Happy miniaturing!


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