Love and Romance

MiniBunny was asked about Valentine’s.

MiniBunny sharing her love.

Here are her favorites.

Where Kisses Come From

The candy box she is holding

Valentine Candy box on create

Here is Sara Bunny with some fabulous chocolates

chocolates swap I won in 1:12 scale

I made some for a swap once as well.

Heart box of chocolates in 1:48 scale

Romance isn’t just about Valentine’s. It can be found in many ways.

My anniversary is in February. That’s why I made this one.

Romantic weekend ready

Valentine Candy box 2.0

Love letters

Could he be sending a love letter? I always think about how my husband and I used to mail letters when I was away at college. Or about how letters were sent to my daddy when he was in Vietnam. Those were often small reel to reels in addition to the paper ones. Too bad those were recorded over many times as they were sent back and forth.

posting a letter

From the The egg-stremely, egg-stravagant Egg House

What about these worms behind the schoolhouse, they were caught.

some worms like to sneak out back to do things they shouldn’t, at first I said I would have some smoking and my hubby said I might be promoting that so I switched, but not sure if kissing is better for school age worms

Miss Greeneā€™s Finishing School for Worms

Party Time

Still valentine’s but could be a special anniversary or other party

Valentine Party Table

Before an anniversary (wedding that is) you have to have a wedding. OR it could just be decked out for Christmas.

Get to the church on time

Gingerbread Church

How about some roses? Sal has one for Sylvia.

They can be found here in the Mushroom.

More roses?

Roses and Painting Roses Red and Card People

What about more hearts?

King and Queen of Hearts

The Court for Alice in Wonderland

Can’t forget about the tarts – I think they should be heart shaped.

Queen of Hearts and her tarts

I also love Raggedy Ann and Andy. Now some say they are brother and sister. But there should be love there too.

Raggedy Ann and Andy -best friends

RA Garden Frame box

I’m best friends with my hubby. I’m happy to soon celebrate 33 years of marriage but we already have 35 when you count the first kiss.

Happy miniaturing!


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