Raggedy Hutch

I’ve always loved raggedies and started collecting them more recently. Maybe more because I was on ebay more. I began thinking about what I wanted to do with them. Several had previously been used in my projects, but until these new ones were, they didn’t a place to stay.

I knew shelves would be a good option but what kind. After browsing various sites and styles, I decided I wanted a hutch. I also concluded that I wanted to paint it.

I ordered the hutch unpainted in 1:12 scale and believed it would a good option for the various sized raggedies I have.

Once I had the hutch, I painted it white. Then I need to decide on adding detail painting.

To do this, I drew on a photo. I have in the past done a simple sketch a couple of times and colored with pencils. Instead, this time I was using the edit tools in my photo app on my phone. I’ve done this before as well.

Should I paint strips on the legs, stripe and solid, edge the drawers, red edges, blue edges…
So maybe not striped legs, but what about red edges, blue around drawers, stripes on the sides…

The point of these sketches were to try different things without having to repaint.

going simpler with the red edges and blue in the back of the hutch

Once I was satisfied with the sketch, I proceeded to paint the hutch.

Finally I have settled on simple hutch, not raggedy style as I decided it would be take away from the ones in the hutch.

After finishing the hutch and collecting more, it is currently displayed in a former perfume box. This box has a nice sliding lid.

Box without glass lid
With lid

Comments are welcome.

Happy miniaturing!


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