Miss Greene’s Finishing School for Worms

Miss Greene’s Finishing School for Worms made from a purchased faux apple that looks very realistic, the bad thing was cutting out the foam inside as they have a solid core of foam, I used my Dremel tool to carve this out
the little bell was a gift from a fellow club member – it was perfect
Check out the science project in the window
worms at play, worms are made of fimo and have bunka hair
also on the playground is a swing (that really moves)
inside the apple is the schoolhouse, the stove is a metal mini, I made the desks, the bell on the desk was made by cutting off a metal cap and adding a stem
up the ladder, a plastruct item cut to fit
in the schoolyard is also a teeter totter that really moves
some worms like to sneak out back to do things they shouldn’t, at first I said I would have some smoking. My sweet husband said I might be promoting that so I switched. Not sure if kissing is better for school-age worms.

Happy miniaturing!


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