Cuckoo Clock Shop in Gingerbread

This it the quickest I have made any of these darling gingerbread buildings by True2Scale. It’s a Kuckucksuhren Shop.

After getting a floor backwards, I decided to mark the actual motherboard like in Carol’s picture.

write on the motherboard

I also decided to apply the wallpaper before gluing it together. This is similar to how most of the other instructions read. I only had one problem and that was that I had left too much brown trim on the right wall so the fireplace (and wallpaper alignment) was a tad lower.

My advice is don’t leave the brown line around these pieces or let it hang over at the top and the straight side.

adding wallpaper while flat

Adding the Light

Each one of these I need to decide the best place to run the wires. On this one, I thought I would go from the top and down the right side of the front and it will be covered under the eave trim and the white trim. My plan initially was to cross at the gap and the rest of the way down the side (A). However I checked and there is no white trim to cover the groove I would make on the side. (That’s because the eaves have supports that are built in to the front and back. Those get painted white and glittered. Although I used white trim cut from the white motherboard instead.)

My solution was to continue the groove down the front on the right side but making sure to run under where the white trim would be. This does require laying the white trim in place to check. The problem is that the groove sometimes expands when I don’t want it to (B).

Stages of adding lighting

The bottom left shows the wire coming out between the roofs (C). Bottom right pic is the light inside (D).

All Done

This one went so fast there wasn’t much to take pictures of. I have gotten better at checking things but when it is one room it is much easier to do. I finished in about 6 hours total (over 2 days). I usually don’t keep track but it being so short, I had time to think about it.

One thing I did different was on the wreath beads (which I apply one by one) – I used a fan brush to apply paint. Let me know in the comments if you think this looks better or same as others. I am undecided.

Inside the Cuckoo Clock Shop

I prefer the bead colors on the back wreath over the front one. The front one looks washed out after adding the white paint. They are silver, pink and green.

The little people were a cute touch.

Front of the clock. I liked that the exterior windows were attached to the other white trim for the front.
Had to show off the gear on the side. Although blurry, the clocks on the wall look almost dimensional.
I went with green and yellow beads on the door wreath to match the wallpaper.

Tell me in the comments whether I need to add the trim around the chimney (see pic below). The white trim didn’t fit so I cut it away. But I know I can add some extra back if I decide to.

Roof trim debate – add around or leave it?

Here it is on my temporary board.

Lighted Kuckucksuhren (cuckoo clock) shop on my temporary board between other buildings

Check out all the other buildings here that I have finished especially the earlier ones (they are listed in the order I did them) if you need to see my tips and mistakes on finishing each one.

Comments are welcome.

Happy miniaturing!


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