Making Book Covers

I recently gave a Create Shares discussion about making Book covers. You can find the video at this link. There is a hand out of notes as well.

I have used these techniques for making wallpaper and rugs too.

I was asked about the HP papers I use. Here is their boxes. I think it may be called business paper now. The 120g is 32lb. 180g is 48lb weight. Neither say anything about brightness.

In the video, I discussed my research for getting the best quality prints is using best quality printer settings, using same brand paper and ink as the printer is. Companies develop them to work together. It does not matter what brand just be consistent across product and supplies to be same brand. I have HP so I use HP. My HP printer has the type of paper I use in their list to choose from. I feel I’ve had great success with this approach for all my printing I do for minis. For everyday no mini (or photo) printing I don’t take this extra care or cost.

Comments are welcome.

Happy miniaturing!


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