2022 OLHP Houseparty Helper Win

Here are pictures of the three items in my Houseparty Helper win. They were together not 3 different winners.

The first is an indoor/outdoor project. It arrives with some greenery bits in places it shouldn’t. I could not get it out of the plastic case so for now it will be fine. Here is the garden end.

This garden is so cute with the laser cut arbor. I would have painted but I actually like this too.
This rabbit is adorable and a total surprise. It may find a home elsewhere. I want to replace it with a more natural one.

Up next is a sweet Tea for Two in a tea box shaped like a cup.

I had to reglue one chair.
It also needed dusting.
Cute design.

It is now in a case so protected from dust.

The third item is incredible well made and designed. I believe it was designed by Sue Herber. I am told it was from Madison County Fair Small Scales House Party in 2016.

Including a counter inside
The mouse sign is cute along with how it has the holes in the front and door.

This too now has a cover although I will be hunting a different base. I have thoughts of combining with several other special sales stands. Those need work. I have a lemonade stand that needs some TLC and an ice cream one. The latter has no base and no interior.

Happy miniaturing!


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