New Kit GIVE THANKS and using my new Silhouette Portrait 3

Oh wait I forgot to tell you about my new kit.

Several years ago I purchased a real life sign to decorate for Thanksgiving. As soon as I got it home I thought how neat it would be to have in miniature. A friend of mine has a Silhouette machine (similar to Cricut) that could possibly cut it out. I never took her up on her offer to let me try.

I have been to several scrapbooking events (that my friend runs) and many people have their Silhouette and Cricut machines. I decided I was finally ready to purchase one. I did some research and I decided to purchase a Silhouette Portrait 3. I had considered the Cricut Joy just because it was so darn small. I love small and figured it would work for minis. But I knew that I would use it for scrapbooking too. Plus my friend said she would let me use her library for Silhouette that she’s had for years.

After I ordered it (at a good sale price) and it was on its way, I realized I should have done more research. There is a machine that can cut without a mat using static electricity. It could also do wood. But it was more than double the price of what I ordered. OK, let’s not panic, and let this be a test machine. If I really need to cut wood and have the static cutting ability, later on I can buy a second machine. Or shot we go all in and get a laser.

After I watched some videos, I played around and made a couple of test cuts of other things, then I tried to make what I wanted. Of course, I had to watch more videos and re-read the manual that I didn’t finish. Then I finally cut something using Print and Cut – you print on your regular printer, then because there are Registration Marks, you can load it into the Silhouette and have it Cut. It works great.

However, the printed image wasn’t quite what I wanted so I decided to go with solids and pattern paper from my scrapbook paper stock. Oh my how much better those look. Oh and if it is patterns the little letters are all unique. I love it. Plus using the sticky mat, it is so easy to use up scraps (think 3×5 inch).

I did it. I made in miniature the real life sign. I am in love.

Now, I have both finished ones and kits available in my etsy store.

Now to design more and see how small I can go with this machine.

Happy miniaturing!


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