Wee ME Bookhouse Gets Furniture

Earlier this year my hubby bought a 3d printer. In his early tests, he printed a chair in 1:48 scale. I asked him if he could print it in 1:144 and it did not disappoint.

I can see that my smaller one needs some red added.

Looking at the 1:48 scale ME book house I made, I asked him to make me a fireplace as well. I thought it would be neat to make it similar inside. He printed the fireplace surround and it was so cute too. However I found it wasn’t going to work.

  1. This little printee house had designs on all the walls so I fireplace would cover one of them.
  2. The designs weren’t the same anyway so why try to match.
  3. This is indeed a wee little house. A one room house so I didn’t have room for it.

Next I asked for a side table. The one for 1:48 scale have issues with the tabletop. He needs to print differently. But the 1:144 scale top were fine. The problem for them was with one leg. However I was able to salvage and combine 2 together.

Now it was paint time. I could do a simple and plain but nope. I wanted to see what I could do. I was quite pleased with the results.

Wee furniture

To view the process for adding a base and landscaping – check out this page.