House That Junk Built 1.5

I built this 1:48 scale Tudor house kit by Pam Junk in the 1990’s. When I saw a tiny house kit in an online sale, I had to have it.

The kit wanted me to draw or paint on lines for the trim and windows. I knew my hands were no longer that steady. It is one thing to do a few lines but too much to do this whole house. My solution was to cut thin strips of paper with scissors. I painted using alcohol markers.

Cut by hand and painted strips using alcohol marker

It took several evenings to get those on. Since they are hand cut there was some variation but I tried to use similar width on same lines.

In process of adding the paper strips of trim

Next was the windows. I was not going to draw. Instead I thought to cut out the examples from the instructions. I even glued one in place. Only the second one jumped in the great beyond of my desk. Since there were only 4 examples, I removed the first one and looked for another option. Then I remembered some ribbon I used recently. I glued to paper and used an alcohol marker again. This time it looked better when the glued dried. It was much lighter coloring while glue was wet because the color went into the glue too.

Window with diamond pattern from ribbon

I trimmed to size and glued the windows to the house. Then I needed to add trim around them.

All done with the porch added, brick painted, and landscaping added.

Front of tiny house
Left side of tiny house

I’m thinking this was going to go in a plastic case to be displayed next to the 1:48 scale house. Only after looking at the house, I noticed a space for a table to set the house on the inside.

I check my stash of kits and I just happened to have a table and chair (by Suzanne and Andy, now retired). It actually had a second chair I used already so perfect to use up these remaining pieces. Had I looked at the house before staining I might have choose a lighter color. However I didn’t look hence I choose a medium color. I used a stain pen in red oak.

Table and chair finished. Also notice lines in the roof I painted.

My next decision was how to display in the house. In my mind it was with the front facing out and like above photo. Yet when I put it in the house I was unsure. I always glue in place once I decide.

Playing around with arrangement

I decided seeing the right side was my preference.

All glued in place
All done for now

Happy miniaturing!


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