Tudor House

Once upon a time, a miniaturist (me) tried building a house in 1:48 scale from scratch. As she began designing the house, she realized just how many decisions there were to doing just that. She studied a design published in Nutshell News by Pam Junk. Then one day, she decided to splurge and buy a kit from Pam Junk. This house is that kit (not the design from scratch which was to come later).

Top Ten Reasons, I love this house and consider it my overall favorite 1:48 scale project.

  1. This was the first house kit I bought in 1:48 scale.
  2. It was the first house kit I ever finished in miniature.
  3. It was the first dollhouse I wired.
  4. It taught me that buying kits may save me money. A kit provides the amount needed versus buying each material separately aka buying supplies that may or may not be used for other projects.
  5. It also taught one way to build a dollhouse by floor, the building at least.
  6. It also taught me that dollhouses do not have to be made of wood, as it is made of illustration board and the walls of each floor were cut as one and then scored to fold the corners.
  7. I learned techniques like how to glaze windows using white glue.
  8. I love the style and the colors I used in the house.
  9. It fits under a dome, which means it stays protected from dust.
  10. The kit was made by my favorite miniature celebrity Pam Junk-Knapp.
Welcome, hope you enjoy your tour.
This was the first time I glazed windows using white glue. The climbing roses was a combination of stretchy landscape foam and the buds of baby’s breath that was dyed pink.
Let’s go in.
On the first floor is the living area. To furnish this area I used kits I purchased from Pam Junk.
Although the building process of how this kit was designed was one floor at time, I didn’t furnish it as I built it.
Metal minis for the dishes. Laser cut paper doily.
Here is the middle floor and the main bedroom. This was a kit by Pam Junk.
I loved the use of doily pieces on the furniture to add dimension. The mirror is a painted ring over a piece of mylar.
The quilt was stitched. Sweet kitty.
Boots are metal mini painted. Pieces of lace used as valences.
The carriage is a metal mini purchased from Pam Junk. Doll made by Preble.
Here is the middle floor and the main bedroom. This was a kit by Pam Junk. Dolls by Preble.
Back outside this is a nice gravel area to play.
For the patio area in the back I put together this really nice laser cut swing. My first ever laser cut kit. The kit didn’t come with the frame so I made that from toothpicks.
Here’s a close up of the patio area and the flowers that landscape it. The pink flowers in the foreground are from the same plant as the pink bush in the background – I learned to look at the parts of a flower.
Hope you enjoyed the tour. Come back to view anytime.