Happy Autumn – Displaying Miniatures

Periodically I like to rearrange my miniatures. This year I went crazy for me buying Fall leaf garland. Then I used it in several places in my home.

In the past, I have displayed miniatures with miniatures and occasionally adding in a few rabbits. But more recently, I have started adding them sporadically in with the other stuff because I just don’t have room for everything anymore. Well, that in the fact that I have several cats so I can’t put them in the same places I used to do so.

I will start with what I did for my kitchen. I have high ceilings with space above my cabinets. I love having this space to display my collections. Prior to this change, I still had rabbits and spring. Usually I leave the rabbits, but pull out the spring specific things. I was really late switching them out, but such is life.

First, I removed all the spring stuff and any rabbits that were too spring. This left about half that are either brown or plain. Then I started spreading the rabbits around and added the garland. I figured out right away that I did not buy enough garland. Especially for the cabinets that are a corner. I went back to the store and got more garland. Again I began adding the garland to the cabinets. This year I tacked them down because of cats. Also the garland wanted to flip around a little bit sometimes so tacking them strategically to the cabinets helped.

I especially nestled the rabbits into the garland as best I could.

Then I decided to add garland to two overhead areas.

That gnome is my favorite. I should have gotten the others. My husband says “I have gnome crazy”.

Next was my entertainment center. For some reason I kept buying a different garland (without glitter on it). After returning one, and it happened a second time I decided to keep it. This meant only having one 6 ft length with glitter for the entertainment center but I will make this work.

Having only one garland meant not wrapping around the edges or adding to the below. Although I probably shouldn’t add to the below even if I bought enough. The edge of this area can be reached by paws without jumping so the leaves would have to go in behind, which I didn’t want to do with this garland anyway.

Notice there are two miniatures displayed on the top. Neither of these have a cover. In the shelf below are several without covers as well. They don’t have covers of their own, but if they did, they wouldn’t fit here. I am careful to not leave minis on display that aren’t covered for too long as dust is their enemy. With Christmas around the corner, it is less likely I would leave them out. The lower are safely out of reach of my cats. Well, or so I thought. One cat got up into the below shelf area but it was so tight, he didn’t know what to do.

I’m explaining all this because it is my process. As I pull things out to use, especially things like risers I will come across something else to use. For risers, I use things like plastic boxes, lids, cake stands, book boxes, tins, and whatever else I run across that will make the display item the right height. I didn’t use many risers for most of what I have shown so far because I wanted them nestled into the leaves.

This shelf is different as it has more height to fill. I used more risers. Plus it is at arm level. This means looking at straight on or down. Everything else is at 5 ft or above. For me, I have to look up. My son probably can see some of them straight on.

Notice in the center I have used a cake stand, which is plastic. I have several colors. for the other 4 miniatures I have used hollow book boxes. I choose them based on their colors. In the front is this odd garland without glitter on it. Find the four cats in this display.

With the mirror in the background which is fun to have for minis, it is hard to take a photo without yourself in it. Also this being in my house I do have family photos up around that is in the reflection as well.

For the purposes of this photo the miniatures with domes or display cases were removed. No way would I leave them uncovered on this shelf as my cats can and do jump up here. One cat chewed on a light string and ruined it. No more light strings here.

Did I mention I have cats that like to get up here? Well, they moved things a bit and I ended up putting in different spots. Notice I added in some bunnies as well. That’s what happens as I finish putting everything away, I run across other things I want to add (not put away).

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my fall displays. I have never decorated this much for fall, especially to incorporate minis this way. I do this for myself. Certainly my family can enjoy it too. My husband said, he knows when I feel better, because I redecorate. I hope this will inspire you to decorate with your minis, too.

Happy miniaturing!


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