New Pages Added or updated

My website has both pages and posts. Posts are dated based on when shared and although pages have a date, it is not relevant to when the project was created.

Pages are for older projects or an overview of a larger multi post or pages of project.

To find my pages, just use the search box for a theme, scale or topic. Also go looking at categories and tags.

Why have these Pages been updated?

I want my website to be all my stuff in one place. My older blog is still there, but I’m not using it anymore so I don’t want to link to it. I’m also fixing broken links for photos that were on old photos sites.

To find the new old pages (old from my other blog) here’s what I updated. Most are same as my older blogspot site. If you read about it before it won’t be new, instead it would be a refresh.

Enjoy! In no particular order:

Happy miniaturing!


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