RA Trunk 2010

Andy says, “Welcome to our travel trunk. We are delighted to show you around. We have many exchange gifts from friends online that we are able to furnish this lovely trunk. We love how Preble incorporated our favorite colors into it.

The RA dolls are Angel children by Ethel Hicks

the camel sofa table is by Anne Richards, round check table and lamp by Marsha Kensinger, rug by JoAnn Jacot, slipper chair by Betty Turmon, sofa and chair – painted resin, desk – painted BPF desk by Preble

In the tray is our dresser with clock by Wanda Bell, balloons by Shelly Norris, blue truck by Joyce Puma, block wagon by Paula Issacs, RA pictures by JoAnn Jacot, camel by Marsha Kensinger, RA head by Ruth Fulmer, quilt rack by Karen Cary, luggage – painted metal minis and red bench by Preble

fireplace by Pam Junk, cutouts on mantel by Michelle Moltzen, mirror by Anne Richards, bed by Gale Evans, dress by Jenn Price Jones, heart peg hanging and picture by JoAnn Jacot, nightstand and grandfather clock – painted BPF by Preble,
Ann really loves the decorative trim which are Grandtline products

A mini friend gave me some old copies of the NAME Gazette. I found a photo of a trunk room project by Lori Ann Potts. I immediately wanted to make one.

To start, I purchased a 1:12 scale trunk kit. I then tried using a tissue technique to make the trunk look like faux leather. I was not satisfied with the results so the project was put away. In 2010, I pulled it out. I sanded off the tissue and started over. I discuss this process and the whole decision process for redesigning kits (kit bashing or DIY) here.

sharing the back of the 1:12 scale trunk – I was very pleased with the results of the shiny paper.

Several coats of paint, sanding between coats and it looks velvety smooth. The gold trim came from a sheet of shiny gold paper. I trimmed and folded to cover corners as well as strips.

The base for this was designed for a softball. I used printed flooring.

Testing spacing inside the cover.

Most of the items were from swaps as mentioned above, but I also painted the brown plastic furniture to use here.

Read more about my Painted Furniture Technique

I tried several laces before settling on the Grandtline decorative trim.

laces considered for trim
after paining and trying to decide where to use it and how to cut
preliminary layout to fit everything in
another prelim layout

The process of fitting everything is also the time to play with miniatures in a more typical sense. It’s fun to pull items from a box and arrange them over and over until I want to leave it that way. Taking photos really helps when the layout is tight.

Happy miniaturing!


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