NAME Logo House – Exterior Box

Cleaning and priming

I started by assembling the house because I wanted to check all the parts. I used blue tape to temporarily hold it together. Everything fit together really well. Then I read her instructions again to not use tape before priming. Oops! I quickly removed the blue tape and took it back apart. Doing so I realized it was gritty from the laser cutting. So I used the blue tape to wipe the grit off. I did this to all the pieces and then wiped again with a t-shirt rag.

At my local big box craft store, I looked for primer and didn’t find anything I felt was suitable however they had some clear sealer so I bought that. I sprayed all the pieces with the sealer, both sides.

Spray paint exterior

I assembled the exterior box. I sprayed painted the exterior box with Chalked ultra matte in Farmhouse Red.

Chalk paint for the exterior

I did two light coats and then sanded. Later I decided to spray paint the edges of the exterior box but I didn’t want to get spray all inside. I used Styrofoam cut to fit. Then I sprayed. Then I was concerned about how the spray paint made the foam bubble. I just knew that I would need to sand and scrape. But No, it was fine. It worked perfectly. It came out easily. Light sanding is all I needed to do.

Used foam to block spray paint inside the exterior box

Spray adhesive for the paper

Following instructions by Dia Crissey-Baum, I had purchased spray adhesive Super 77. I sanded the red and wiped away the dust. I used my craft knife to score the box along the lower end using the NAME piece (it will be yellow). I cut out the front graphics and sprayed the adhesive on. Then using tweezers, I carefully placed it in position to the score mark. I used a tool called a bone folder (squeegee equivalent) to smooth it out. A old credit card works just be careful to not use a sharp corner (ask me how I know).

Please note I am using aerosol products outside as I do not have a place inside to do it safely.

Spray adhesive for the paper

I also painted the letters NAME in black for the base piece.

Roof changes

I decided to cut the graphics for the roof and bump out the red. I cut the graphic very carefully, then I used the red pieces to cut extra pieces from thick cardboard. In hindsight, it might have been easier in wood. I then had the bright idea I wanted to spray paint them, the roof and the extra pieces I cut. I actually had black spray paint on hand. Once the spray paint was dry, I used the spray adhesive again to apply paper to the extra pieces. Before adding to the exterior, I realized I needed to add green paint where the box shows. I also painted around the edge where the roof paper goes. The green acrylic over the red Chalk paint took 3 good coats of the green.

Roof with only green paper to the left and new pieces to the right (only the triangle paper is not glued yet).

Base (yellow pieces)

Painting the yellow base pieces was time consuming. The piece with NAME, I decided to paint the letters first with black. Ok, good. Then I tried painting the yellow with an old bottle. It was more transparent so it was not working. I threw that bottle away and switched to my preferred brand Ceramacoat. That worked so much better but still requires three or four coats. It didn’t help at all trying work around the letters.

Were I to do again, I would paint all of it yellow then come back to the black letters.

When I realized I had a back to do, I got out my off white spray paint for a base coat. This worked better but I still needed 2-3 coats of the yellow. It went faster because I was not working around letters. I still need minor touch up around the letters with yellow. At some point I will stop trying to get it perfect because I can go back and forth forever due to smudges or missed spots. I glued the yellow pieces and roof on.

Roof now glued on after green paint dried

End paper

I received only one end paper. But thanks to the create committee, I received a second one that others should have received as well. I really wanted it to be a house once closed. To apply these I did the same as the front by marking for the base. The bottom then gets painted yellow.

I also painted and applied end paper to the interior end cap (for pull out) that will be seen as part of the exterior.


As the kit is designed, the printed windows and frames are for the interior. Somehow I got it in my mind that the window frames should be red. The printed window is red framed so I guess that is how. Anyways, I painted them red, then realized Dia didn’t. But I had thought about bumping out the windows any way. If I was going to do the roof and chimneys that way why not the windows. I decided roll with it and modify them for the exterior. The prints will just be on the interior.

Red frames will be used on exterior and for the interior use print only.

I have added strip wood to make the blue part stand out. After cutting, I sanded then then paint blue. Sand again and then touch up the blue. Next I added black to all the sides.

Red spray paint, wood trim added to sill and painted blue.
Front after adding the window frames

For now I am very pleased with the progress and excited for doing the inside.

This project is still available until July 2nd (to receive by July 23 when workshop is held) for NAME member and non-members. Camp Make-A-Mini workshop. Orders may be made after July 2nd, but may not arrive before the class.