Gone Gnome Crazy

well it happened, I’ve Gone Gnome Crazy. That’s what my husband says.

It started really simply with these guys . I think it was the bunny ears that convinced me they could come home with me. I love their pastel colors too. At least they are miniature…

Then one with a patriotic theme came home with us (small but not really miniature) and then subsequent trips was another and then another. When I bought a shirt with one on it, is when my husband said that I’ve “gone gnome crazy.” Which is perfectly fine with me.

Some more came home for Autumn – see if you can find any here.

Then after surgery in October, I just wanted to make gnomes. Tiny ones. Ones that are for 1:48 scale. Plus I was willing to part with them. Well, now I have gone crazy. They are in my etsy store that I re-launched with a few other items.

Here are their pictures if you just want to see them. All gnomes are less than one inch tall including their hat.

Don’t know if I will keep making more. But since I’ve ‘Gone Gnome Crazy’ it is an excellent possibility since I have a couple dozen more pre-made bodies. Their bodies were made from floral cloth covered wire and were intended for dolls to do as swaps, that I also later sold some as kits. See the dolls I made before here. Their clothes and hats are made from silk ribbon I have lots of colors of from making dolls before. The hair is from a variety of materials including yarn of various types and styles, fiber fill and bunka. The noses are pin heads or flower pips.

I just love their personalities. From gardening to collecting books, they have lots of interests.

Happy miniaturing!


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