NAME Logo Puzzle is awesome with giving gifts when you submit a challenge. This puzzle was a recent gift.

I started by carefully removing the puzzle portion. I left it attached for easy painting. I stained the border and back using my alcohol markers. Then I glued them together. I used cut up credit cards and clothes pins to hold while the glue dried.

Clamps while drying

Next it was painting the puzzle pieces. I kept them together.

Lid and double stick tape

When painting small pieces I find it easier to put them on a larger surface. In this case I used a small lid and used double stick tape to hold in place.

To do this painting it takes only a small tiny amount of paint. The paint may even dry up. I use really tiny brushes for most of it, like a 20/0 liner or spotter.

When painting avoid using too much water. The wood can warp. Paint or wet the other side and then clamp while drying will help.

The sides need color as well.

I left the inside of the puzzle frame bare wood.
Before adding the blue

When separating the pieces I find it easier to do so from the back because they are easy to find.

The edges of the puzzle pieces need some sanding to remove the connector tabs. To avoid breaking them I used my file next to the edge while the piece or pieces were on the cardboard.

Filing the edges

If during handling a leg or arm gets broken just use wood glue to back. However I had one tab disintegrate. My solution was to cut a new one from the leftover motherboard. It wasn’t easy but it was simple. I started by cutting a piece slightly larger than needed. I glued that to my piece. Then I carefully trimmed away the excess. I did this trimming by carving away the corners to make it rounded. Actually the missing tab is oval. Since it was so small it didn’t take long when it looked like the right shape. I test fit into the other piece and trimmed until it fit well. Lastly I repainted the tab to match even trying to add the grooves by scoring with the knife abs with black paint.

Pretty darn good especially from a bigger distance

The bottom of the Logo house has blocks and to give that look there is a blue shadow. To add that I simply paint the left and bottom of each block. Then they remind me of ice cubes.

All done

To enhance the puzzle portion, I did apply a gloss varnish. I think it really enhanced the puzzle. Although no gloss is nice too.

For those with sharp eyes will notice there are two different ones. Yes, I ended up with two of these. I am on the create committee and will be donating one to NAME or create for a future fundraiser or prize.

Now enjoy the puzzle. Just don’t hand it off to anyone. My husband dropped it right away and my son was blown away when I showed him that it was a real puzzle. But then I had to put it together again.

Happy miniaturing!


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