Tree Stump shop – Exterior part 1

This is a kit by Pam Junk. Her kit uses plaster cloth to make the tree stump. I wanted to experiment with this process before I applied to this kit. See that experiment here.

Electrical wiring tutorial using this project

I started building the house, adding wallpaper and lights as I went. Finally I got the point I was ready to apply the techniques I learned from the other stump project.

I used foam core board for the steps. Blue tape was to keep the windows clean.

This is a messy process. However it doesn’t have to be if you keep a rag handy to wipe away messes.
The cloth drapes and folds so nicely. I was in love.
Always good to plan
That pink foam makes this project extra light.

I am going with brown because this is my tree stump fantasy house. I will be adding color later.

After some dry brushing
It just looks so cool.

Part 2 of Exterior is here.