Scaredy cats – beginning – exterior

Tree stump house

Nov 2009, I purchased a kit from Pam Junk that made a house in a tree stump. It was using a material I had not used before – Plaster cloth. I wasn’t excited about ‘ruining’ my kit, so I decided to experiment.

I started with a round salt box. An online group had been using salt boxes to make projects and when the autumn ones were being talked about, that is when I got inspired to make one too. The plaster cloth was a perfect medium to try with it.

Plaster cloth comes in a roll that then has to be cut in strips. You can in the pic some strips at the bottom. The cloth is dipped into water and applies. To make the stump more tree like, I made ridges by squeezing together or rolling it. It wraps over things very nicely.

After a couple of coats of paint, one or two watered down so it could bet in the crevices. Then a couple of dry brush coats.

Note the round button on the bottom right of the stump. That is my on/off switch. I added some wires so I could light it using a 12v battery.

I cut a hole in the base and also an opening to get to the battery for changing. 

I purchased some flowers to use with the stump. Very colorful mums.

Yes, I used these big flowers.

Nov 2010 – a whole year later, I started back on this project. I ditched the overwhelming flowers and opted for some woody berries and stems.

I am adding these to fit in the dome. The scaredy cats are checking the stump out.

Next time, I decided to furnish it.

Happy miniaturing!


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