Tree stump Exterior part 2

What to do next? and tree stump project progress

Part 1 is here.

I have so many projects that I want to work on, I am at a stand still on what to start next.  Since it is December I really want to work on Christmas things.  This is typically when I am in the mood to do so, but last night, I just couldn’t get in gear.

I have a Christmas tree shop that I want to make boxes of ornaments to go with the trees I have made.  When I measure what size those boxes would be, I am not sure how to proceed.  The size would be less than 1/4″ and my ornaments are on the larger size, so I am concerned how many ornaments might go in a box.  Then I think well, what else would a store use for displaying ornaments  under a tree and I think of those red apple buckets.  Ok, how to make those, and how big to make them? Make them out of paper, or clay? 

I make a list of the other things that I need do for this particular project and I see a road block.  One that has stumped before.  How to do the snow?  I have used baking soda and spray glue before.  The glue yellows over time so don’t want to do that.  I could use white glue but that is hard to spread over certain areas of this project.  I have used spackle, but it can yellow as well.  Also it has issues with spreading.  I purchased a snow product (a Woodland Scenics kit) for landscapes and I am planning on using it.

But I am thinking, maybe I should do a test with it first.  To do a test, I have to come up with something to really test it and that means making something potentially a throw away whatever.
I only want a light dusting of snow, not inches.
And before I can do the snow I have to finish the roof however I am going to do it.  Since it is a tree stump, I had planned to add moss, but am concerned about the color of moss I have. Would it be too green for the time of year?
Ok, so I added the moss.

I was very happy with this moss on the roof even if it was a little bright.  I wasn’t worried because I was going to cover it with snow.
In the lower left corner of the pic you can see the plexi that I was planning to use for frozen water.

OK, the moss was a really bad idea with the snow. The snow effect was good but I put it on the sides of the trunk and wow, I was not happy with the results.
The moss wasn’t colorfast (note to self – read all packaging) so the green dye bled through the snow. Also some of the bits from the moss fell on the base and ruined the snow effect as well.

I removed the moss and also the frozen water.  I had to paint the base and trunk again to cover the white.  I did get some of the snow from the kit added to the roof.

Adding snow for full coverage, but not too deep
the little creek is just covered with snow instead of frozen over

That little bridge is from the first ever Quarter Connection online convention. I sort of hated covering it with the snow.

How I did the electrical connection from the base through the case.