Organizing Minis?

Happy New Year from Mini-Small Packages.

I know that many people will be organizing their minis this year, well maybe this month, as resolutions often get put to the side as the year wears on. But I know that you won’t be one. You just need a boost.

Here’s my boost for you. Check out the ideas on The Organized Miniaturist blog. My blog has many ideas I have used to organize minis. I believe that being more organized helps me to make more minis. Or to put it another way – when I make minis I make more because I spend less time trying to find things.

Organizing doesn’t happen overnight. Start small, do something every day until it gets how you want it.

Here are some of my favorites:

Beads and findings -I just love to pull out one of these trays and see what I have in a particular color bead.

Beads by color in small containers on a tray that goes in a bigger box with other trays.

Ribbon and Trims – when I want a particular color of trim, I flip through the tabs to the right section.

Ribbon and trim in zip bags ‘filed’ by color

Paint – I’ve come full circle in the way I have stored paint. However the bins are now in a different direction.

Paint bottle organized by color in cigar boxes that have lid removed and are on their side.

One of my main ways of sorting is by color but also by theme. That’s how my swaps are stored. This makes is so easy to find something to use in a project. Recently I used a bunch from my Swaps Mall which isn’t a finished project but a way to organize and display minis until I find a project to use them in like this bunny box.

Swaps are organized by theme in these divided boxes.

Comments are welcome.

Happy miniaturing!


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