Glamping at Camp Makamini part 1.5

Quick Minis were offered during the recent Camp Makamini week. I couldn’t resist these two little cabins.

My husband built the 1:144 scale one. I made the itty-bitty one which will go in the 1:48 scale cabin once I make everything else.

Here they all are together.

What I did different

Well it wasn’t much other than the colors. I painted earlier than the instructions because I was changing colors. I wanted to be sure I didn’t paint wrong colors.

For the itty-bitty, I did find it helpful to me to turn the front face down when fitting together initially. But I can totally understand doing the other way. It is a very fiddly time in assembly. I think sometimes our brains just work differently. I know it does when it comes to writing instructions. So I always try to err on the side of my misunderstanding as I know I certainly have before.

I also made a mistake in that the itty-bitty cabin as it is not flush at the back of the base. This means that my railings in the front are hanging off. But I would guess that no one would notice.

1:144 scale cabin

1:144 scale is what would be a dollhouse for a 1:12 scale cabin. Some call this micro scale.

1:576 scale cabin

For the 1:48 scale cabin to have a scale cabin the 1:576 scale cabin was needed. I called this itty-bitty, but it’s it not micro too?

That’s a US penny

see how I made the 1:48 scale cabin