Gift Shop in Gingerbread

Continuing to make some gingerbread – in micro or 1:144 scale. This time it was a gift shop from True2scale.

Since this is my 10th kit to assemble I am going to only highlight my mistakes. If interested in more on the assembly of parts not covered they are likely found on one of the other nine. They are found here Gingerbread Book Village.

Window placement

When adding the interior window frames, it is important to line them up with the opening on the wall. The way to do this is by looking at it from the other side while glue is still wet. It is not as noticeable once the outer window frame was added, but it was still not centered.

window frame is not centered

First floor walls

The mistake is mine because the instructions have a clear picture. My mistake was not looking at the provided picture to get the orientation of the floor. I glued the floor in with the cutout to the back. Here is a picture that might have helped me.

I need it called out which way the front. But I still might not pay attention.

Adding lights

For the lights I use Nano size LEDs I get from Evan’s Designs. For the first floor, I added a faux ceiling under the floor. I punch a hole in the paper for the light. I grooved the underside of the floor for the wires. I didn’t need to add the groove but it is nicer this way. I also added a notch and a groove to the support wall.

Faux ceiling, Nano size LED in a groove, notch and groove added to support wall
With left front wall added the wire is tucked in the corner as much as possible in the groove created.

For the second floor, over the smaller first floor, I added a light inside the peak at the gable. To hide the wires, I made a small notch at the gable connection to the front roof. This notch was so the wires had a hole to come out. Although the way the peak fit, the small notch may have not been needed. The wires then come down the valley, then tuck under the roof, and down the outside. The side it went down also had a groove I added, trimming away part of the layers of either notches or the side.

Wiring came out at the peak in a notch, then down the valley of the gable, under the roof edge and along the side at the front corner.

I also added a third light in the vaulted ceiling area. A notch was added to the back roof and the wires ran from the notch to the side along the top. I added a groove (not pictured) to the roof triangle but it wasn’t necessary. Those roof triangles were helpful to get the leds to hang properly. It has been a bigger challenge bending the wires just right in the others.

Groove added to back roof, light inside the vaulted ceiling and where the wire goes on outside, notice the wire runs at the top between where the two roofs meet.

The below shows how the grooves I add and the wiring are mostly covered by the white trim. I will deal with it later where there are gaps.

Do you see the wires hidden along the trim?

This is why I choose to add lighting – to fill the darker areas.

Without lights and with

Covering gaps in the white trim

I use the leftover white motherboard to cut pieces to fit in any gaps between pieces. They don’t need to be perfect because white paint and the glitter help cover as well. The below is the gable, but the front and back roofs had a large gap that needed to be covered as well as some corners.

Filling gaps in the white trim with leftover white motherboard


I was just going to show mistakes and lights, but the furniture is so darn cute I can’t resist showing it.

Tables and Presents

I turn them upside down to try to apply the paper evenly to table top edge. I don’t like the presents, but I did use them. I have no great suggestion on how to make them better.

Tables and gifts
Side table

The other table I couldn’t decide at first which direction the pieces go. But really they would work either way, but this is what I did. The top went on top of the bigger portion to the left.

I like having different colors on the trees. I used two sizes of the gold beads.


I just love both the angled shelves and the hutch. I think the way they are made is quite clever adding the paper to the back of the shape.

Angled shelves for the back wall upper floor
Hutch with 3D nail art stud for a bowl


I shaped a tree on the chenille stem and then decided it wasn’t tall enough. I switched to the other end and made a second tree. After removing it and added a shallow and small (4mm) bead cap, I determined it was too tall to go on the table.

Second tree is too tall but the base I used is just perfect – it is a 4mm scalloped bead cap also used for nail art.

My third tree is then measured better to decide how tall to make it for the second story table. It turns out a tiny bit taller, but I am willing to use it. I added garland from gold thread. Then I added the red beads. That looks pretty good, but I like it with the yellow/gold ones better.

Making a tiny tree using a chenille stem, gold thread, and micro beads

I measure again for the tree needed in the first floor and turns out I can use the first shaped tree. I finish it and add it to the table.

I am honestly amazed how well these trees look using the chenille stems.


Instead of the paper bowls I used some 3D round and oval nail art studs that I have. These are 2 or 3mm round and 4mm oval shape. This ruler looks really large so compare to a real life ruler.

3D round and oval nail art studs

They look so good with the beads in them.

Nail art stud in round shape used as a bowl

Window boxes

I almost forgot these. They look really good. Bits of greenery from the chenille stems, add the beads, add white paint on the green and the beads, then I added a touch more white paint to the window boxes where they might have snow to land.

The window boxes and doesn’t that tree look great in that window. Wow.


This is the front after putting on my temporary board. I love the perspective of looking in between them.

The inside looks delightful. I would totally shop here.

I use leftover white motherboard to add trim to the back side edges. I just like how it looks.
The first floor – notice I added some leftover candles from another kit.
The top floor – I was tempted to make a taller tree instead of using the table, but didn’t know where to put the table if I didn’t.
The hutch looks really good underneath.
Exterior from a different angle while on my temporary board
All the ones I have finished so far are on the temporary board

To see all the others – they are found here Gingerbread Book Village.

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Happy miniaturing!


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