Mother Goose 20-30

More how I made the sections or areas of my Mother Goose Project

The outside of the book

The hill is made of floral foam that I added gel medium to as a filler.  I won’t do that again for landscaping.  Gel medium may have it’s place, but not this. It was tough to do anything with shaping wise.  I had to get my dremel out to sand it.  Better off using paper machie or lightweight spackle, which either would be my usual go to product for that.
I cut the floral foam with my craft knife and used toothpicks to pin it together.  Also use those toothpicks to position it against the book and in place on the pink foam layer.
Greenery is done with green landscaping foam for train layouts.  Also wood colored ballast for the paths.

20 Jack and Jill

I received the well as a swap item from Anne Richards.  The Jack and Jill dolls was a set I purchased at a show.  I don’t know the artist.  I did buy several from the artist.  Always good to buy when you can of whatever you like, as may never see them again.
I added the pail made of paper including the handle. Then I painted it silver.  

21 Hey Diddle, diddle, the Cat and the Fiddle

This one is actually several combined as it features several characters that I wanted to do.
For the cat, I used another character from under my cheese dome.  This one was made by Bev Corder.  This was one of those purchases – the price was good and I had the money so I bought all I liked.
I made the fiddle by printing and cutting it out.

22  The little dog laughed
This is a metal mini that I painted and added a bow.

23 Dish and Spoon

When I heard that there was going to be a swap for Mother Goose challenge, I decided that I must be a part of it.  I immediately emailed that I wanted to do the Dish and Spoon.  It was the first thing I thought of to make for a Mother Goose type swap.  That is rare as I don’t often have an idea right away. To make them, I used a 1/12th scale plate for the dish.  I painted the edges and faces.  Then I used super glue and wire to add the arms and legs.  I also used my dremel to add grooves in the back for the wires to set in.  Not sure it made much of a difference or not.  Then I added the bows.  I made more than needed for the swap as I had to order extra plates and they just were so much fun to do.
The spoons were hand cut from cooper.  Hubby helped me solder on the legs and arms.  My son even helped cut the wires that had to be stripped.  I didn’t need their help in the sense that I couldn’t do it, it was just the timing.
I spray painted the spoons, painted the faces, added bow ties of paper.  The hats are eyelets.

24 Cow jumped over the moon

I use graphics from ME’s book that I modified to fit the back of the book.

25 Old Lady lived in a Shoe

I have always wanted to make a shoe house.  I initially was thinking about making one from a paper tube and paper.  Meanwhile I kept thinking about my baby shoes.  Once I decided it was a good use of them, I quickly tested if it would fit in my plan.  
The first thing I did was to find a door and window to use with it.  Then I cut the holes. I also added a wall at the top to fit up into the roof. Inside is a table, chair and a icebox.  Can barely see the table through the window. 
The house is lighted – I might should pop up the roof and change the covering over the light and maybe that would help to see the insides.  
The children are from some kits I  sold at one time.  I did have to paint most of the clay heads.

wire bodies some with stockings already
Hula hoop and scooter were swaps from a prior QC convention
Skateboard from a previous swap as well

26 Ring a Round the Rosy

The children just look so cute holding hands. On little guy is about to paint that wall while a girl is asking him to play ball with her.

27 Three Blind Mice

I was determined to do or use as much of this project from my stash. However I took a trip to a miniature store in Atlanta during the time I was working on this project.  While at that store I did look at items that might work.  I saw these mice and I knew they would be so much easier to buy these than to make something.  

I added the sunglasses. They were made from wire, filled with gloss and painted black.

Three blind mice, see how they run…

28 Sing a Song of Sixpence

This is either a really big 1:48 scale pie or a 1:12 scale pie.  To make this pie I made my own pie pan from a metal lid (from peanuts I think).  I rubbed it to remove the indentions.  I also trimmed it to a round shape a little larger than the bottom would be.  I used a wood disk to push the foil up against then my tweezers to add fluting.  Then I used the bottom of a glue stick to further shape the pan’s side.
The birds are a toothpick inserted in a seed bead. Cut and then glued into the pan.  They were then painted.
The crust is paint that I squeezed in place using a syringe.  
I added the black feathers to simulate wings.  

29 Pat a Cake

This was a swap from Shelly Norris.  

30 Mother Goose cover

This is from ME’s book and I did modify it to work for my book cover in size and removing extra bits.
I have a photoshop program that I have had for a while.  I have tried it off and on.  It isn’t difficult so much as just have to learn what the steps are and what they are called.  It does take time to do the work.  Certainly there are ways to create shortcuts, but doing this as a hobby, it is something I haven’t taken the time. My advice is if you have a program, find something you want to do and set a goal to do it.  Don’t pretend.  It makes it real to learn how to do something that is actually want you want to do, not just an example of what you can do.

Mother Goose book cover was modified to fit

Kite in the tree – from a previous swap

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Happy miniaturing!


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