MM Arts & Crafts Center

In 2013 it was announced that the theme for the 2014 MicroMini Online Convention would be Art in Miniature. Having attended a center for arts and crafts – this is what came to mind.

I knew that I wanted to have sliders – although I really wanted to have a knob that would turn them all. Deciding to offer this as a workshop during the convention, I realized it needed to be simple and so the sliders are simple wires.

outside view of Center with matchbox studios open

I have a post on my blogspot for this project here.

Glass Maker

This studio is for making glass art. Check out the sculpture next to the door.
Lots of glass art on display inside
That’s a kiln to the left or the glory hole, the bar is for blowing, then to the annealing oven to cool.

I demonstrated how to make the glass art from plastic on my blogspot.

Let’s Paint

This project is less than 4 x 4 inches
Inside the painting studio is a plethora of paint colors, an easel to paint as well as a sink to wash up at.
splendid artwork

Throwing Clay

Fiber Arts

inside of fiber
the loom is my favorite


view from the top