Let It Snow

On one of my many trips to the hobby store, I found some snowmen ornaments that I liked.  These are designed for small tabletop trees.  Hobby Lobby had their Christmas on half price already so I got a blue set and another multi color set.  I already had figured out these blue ones would go in a box I made awhile back (oh maybe 10 years ago). 
This box was designed by me after seeing some ME frame magnets that someone had added a box to and made a scene inside.  I think I went a bit overboard in my construction of this box.  It is definitely not a frig magnet size anymore.  I made the box and covered the outside with painted paper and then used stickers to decorate it.  I was very happy with the outside of the box, but I had not gotten to the snowman making all these years.  Well, now I had these ornaments to use.
Having purchased snow supplies for my Penguin Winter Centerpiece was the perfect time to work on this as well. There were 8 snowmen in this set and I went with all 8.  I figured out how I would place them in the box – drew out a layout so I could work the inside.  I wanted them on different levels to they would show up.  Mmmm – well they are a bit crowded but I am going with it.  I used foam bits to make risers and then covered it all with spackle.  I painted it with a pearl finish and also repainted all the snowmen.  That was to fix the less than perfect painting and also to cover the hanger holes where I pulled out the strings. 
When I splatter painted my centerpiece base, I also splatter painted the inside of this snowman box.  This time I used pearl paint.   It is very subtle – but I liked it and didn’t repaint.
I added two small bottle brush trees and viola – a finished snowman box.  (This proves that it is never too late for a project to get finished.)

Let it Snow

 Here’s what the back of the box looks like

stickers were used on the outside

 And here is the box opened up

inside box construction

Like I said – a bit overkill on the construction and the pearl splatter snow is quite subtle especially in person.

Happy miniaturing!


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