Book Houses

I have collected these adorable faux book boxes. Some I just couldn’t resist a purchase. In the back of my mind was the thought I would make them for myself. Each time I pulled one out, I couldn’t decide on the papers to use.

Now the boxes I have sat in my stash for awhile. I have on occasion (most recently) used them as risers. Mostly they have been waiting to do something with them. This week, I have added wallpaper and floor papers together to make kits.

These really fit my favorite miniature idea – in a container that is not intended for miniatures. I previously posted the ones I had made before here.

I have two styles: Christmas titles and several others with miscellaneous themes. These are in my etsy store. This is one of the boxes. So very pretty.

Figuring out how to list these on etsy has been a challenge. I really wanted to give people the option to have the door and windows if they want.

There is another thing I love about these and that is – it is already a box. Adding wallpaper and floors are easy when you don’t need to curve them or something else. Cutting the doors and windows are harder because of the materials. Also placement of them is a choice that can go so many ways. But I like a challenge, I just want other people to make them too.

Happy miniaturing!


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