Tulip Terrace

This project was fun to do. Flowers are time consuming but the effort is worth the result.

Twelve dozen tulips


I purchased wallpaper and made it 3D.


The wallpaper had a fence on it. I used tapered toothpicks painted black for my fence. I glued directly to the wallpaper.


I used plastic brick sheets. These were cut to fit over foamcore boxes. The cap is made from mat board.


I purchased pre-punched tulips and assembled them. I later made kits for my club members and for a local Fun Day event.

Dogwood tree made with berry stem and punched blossoms.

Dogwood tree

I made it using a Nandina berry stem. Then pre-punched hearts were assembled clover leaf like on wax paper. Then paint the glue in the middle. Once dry peel from wax paper and glue to end of berry stem.

The wire patio set, and tea pitcher and glass set, and the cat were purchased. I added the cushions. I made the sandwich from clay. I learned how hard it is make realistic food. I also made the book using a printie cover over mat board.

Enjoy the sunshine