Rabbit Habit Domes

I have a rabbit habit. I purchase rabbits or bunnies when I shop. This includes miniature ones.

A club member shared with us patterns to make a two sided vignette in a dome. Initially I made the interior for something else. But I didn’t finish it. Then one day, I decided to build shelves and display my miniature rabbit collection.

This was the first one.

brown rabbit
grey rabbit

Having a Rabbit Habit (of buying more and more rabbits or do they just multiply?) I needed a place to display more, so I made a second one.

This time I took photos of the process.

The walls and floor are cut from insulation foam board. It is light weight, sturdy, and easy to cut with a sharp craft knife. A snap blade style is best.

The archway was a plastic piece we purchased. I didn’t add one to the second one.

The top of the outside edges have a decorative piece we made from clay. It has a rosette block made using the end of a ink pen for the indention.

Rosette block added to corners

The decorative pieces for the shelves were cut from a mdf decorative screen tile. The tiles were 12×12 inches and I cut them apart according to what I liked. Then they were sanded and painted white.

The rabbit doll came in pieces I had to assemble and then dress her. I made her friend from faux suede.

Ms. Cottontail

Bella Ballerina Bunny

The beautiful thing about these shelves is nothing has to be permanent.

new additions
even some larger bunnies can be included

I have all these stuck using museum wax. It is easier to remove and also less visible since it is clear.

Happy miniaturing!


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