NAME Day Hutch Part 2 – Finished!

Ok, I have looked through my swaps/totes stash to find some things to include in my hutch.  One thing I wanted was a hutch.  I found one that is made of resin that I got with a wardrobe as an auction item.  I started looking at it and found two bubbles.  This is typical of resin and I knew that I could use spackle as a filler to fix it, but I also knew I didn’t have any.  I tried paint/glue and that worked for the one on the shelf but not the counter of the base. This one was really bad.  If I had the spackle, might could have fixed it, but I didn’t. 

My answer was to cut the hutch and remove the counter and put it back together with a wood one.  I got out my x-acto miter and saw then started cutting away.  I had little to no problem cutting above to remove the shelves but cutting this counter from the base was harder as I got off alignment.  After I corrected my sawing direction, I used a metal rasp type file to sand it as smooth and even as I could.  I cut a counter from wood, beveled the edges (like the big one) and glued it all together. I painted the inside shelf area white and the entire outside black.

finished smaller hutch

The handles are silver no-hole beads.  Broom to the left is a metal mini I painted.
Tray of donuts by Norma Buck.  Teapot and sugar are metal minis I painted.
Plates are paper I printed and shaped.  Click here to see how I made them?
Here’s the full kitchen section:

wood shelf from Laura Miller, tray of donuts by Norma Buck, fruit bowl by Sharon Anderson, mouse and trap by Leanna Parker

The chair was from a kit and I painted it black and then added the paper cutouts from the ME notepad.  The table was totefavor I made for the last convention. Fruit bowl by Sharon Anderson or Virigina Forham.  The mouse in the tray is by Leann Parker.  The shelf is from Laura Miller, I painted it and added the cutout.  Plates made same as for the hutch.

In the living area, I added two side tables. The tables were purchased as a kit from Suzanne Andrews.
 The lamp is from ?  More about the sofa can be found on Part 1 of Hutch.

clock by Rhonda Keef, sofa is resin I repainted

Clock by Rhonda Keef.  I believe it was made using a punch of black fun foam, a clock printied, a jump ring, face filled in with glue or gloss type medium.  The feet and top button are seed beads.  Super cool.

On the top shelf is a bedroom section

dresser by Merri Allen, standing mirror by Rebekka Tate

Dresser from Merri Allen, the standing mirror by Rebekka Tate and the rest of the items are swaps but I can’t figure out by whom.  My database is good, but I needed to include more details to describe than I did on older entries.

The attic section…

chest by Ruth Frank, dollhouse by Pam Junk

I purchased this adorable doll on ebay.  The maker is same as who makes the ME dolls that Suzanne Andrews offers.  She has been sitting on this chest for quite some time waiting for the day to be in a project.  I belive the chest is by Ruth Frank.  I think she is perfect for this hutch.  The house is from Pam Junk I think.  Here’s another view.  I just love it and couldn’t hide this wonderful front.

Here’s another view of this section

mirror by Nancy White

This cheval mirror is what I wanted here to go with the doll on the chest, but couldn’t find it at first.  I tried to use a resin wardrobe instead, but found the mirror.
Mirror by Nancy White

Here’s the entire top of the hutch.

Also when looking at the finished piece I decided to add handles to the doors of the base.
I used a pink seed bead with a yellow no-hole bead center.

Almost hate to show this detail as the pic is so zoomed that the tiny imperfections not seen with the naked eye (or even assisted eye) aren’t noticeable.
Digital zoom is great for those tiny things but not for bigger stuff.

There it is finished and I added a notepad sheet as a label on the back.

Happy miniaturing!


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