Miss Cherrie’s Teapot House

Miss Cherrie welcomes you to her teapot. She loves cherries and her favorite color is red.

fireplace at the spout

The fireplace was custom made to fit against the slope and the opening of the spout. It has a glittering fire.

The lamp next to the bed has a 12v light and the base was made from clay.

The decorations on the bedspread were hand-stitched.

The little chest of drawers as well as the hutch are also custom to fit the slope of the teapot.

The table was purchased at a show. The items in the hutch are just paper or beads.

The upholstered chair was made by Preble.

In the back is this tree. It is made of cloth covered wire that is covered with paint that had talc powder added.

The windows use Gallery Glass to paint the cherry decoration.

Two things I would change if I built it again. The first is I used a pine board for the base. It isn’t terribly heavy but there are alternatives that I think are better now. The second thing is to have the tree stay within the board so it a cover could be added. I learned from other projects about dust so this one has been kept better protected, but not as much as a cover would give.

Happy miniaturing!


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