Gone to Pot

Gerda wanted a potting shed, I wanted to make her one. One day we saw one made in a pot. We agreed it was too clever. My absolute favorite miniature project to make is one inside an everyday object.

This project was completed in 2002 using mostly swaps from the first QC – Quarter Connection Online Convention.

The workbench I made custom to fit the back. The sink is from a pill blister pack painted silver. The rolled fence to the left is needlepoint cloth painted. A few items are metal minis I painted. Wheelbarrow made from a kit by Barbara Thorton-Hill

To make the pot sit exactly where I wanted in the saucer I used paper mache. The landscaping was done using foam purchased from a train store. These products come in different colors and texture from fine powder to clumps that can be torn apart.

The flat of flowers next to the sink with trowel by Suzanne Larson Timbro, items on newspaper by Cheryl Umberger, book on shelf in front by Jean Day . Garden hose and seed packets by Jennie Harshman, small topiary by Lynn Hamel

The floor and steps were made using eggshells carefully glued to fit together. The floor and step structure is made using foam core board. It was not as easy as I thought it would be because eggs are not flat.

One tip I would give is to paint the egg shell first. Dab different shades all over. After it is dry, then do the cracking. Not only would that be more true to life, it will lots easier. Now fitting them together, well, that will take some time. But I am in love with how it looks.

The hollyhocks are by Jean Brattan and hanging planter by Carol Pierce
This cute birdhouse was made by Shelia Jacobson
Trellis by Nancy White, birdbath by Jeanne Kitchens

Another tip is that after working with paper mache, especially in this project, I should have wiped the pot. I see some spots of grey on the terra cotta that could have been wiped away while still wet. They wouldn’t stand out if the pot was wet, so wiping intentionally to clean up, would be good idea.

In order to get the swaps shown, I made 125 brass butterfly garden decorations. In return I got 124 swap items. Some of same thing, but most were different. That was the year we got lots of rugs (printie rugs).

Happy miniaturing!


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