First Snow

First snow

This little teacup and saucer scene was made using china that was from my grandmother. It was some extra she had. For some reason they just spoke to me to do winter scene.

Teacup to Saucer

I glued the teacup to the saucer using E6000 glue. It did require to sit over 24 hours to set up.


The first time I did this, I used spray adhesive and baking soda for the snow. To do so, I covered with tape or newspaper any part I didn’t want the spray adhesive on. Then sprayed and sprinkled.

The first few years it looked really good. But the spray adhesive started to turn yellow. I decided to help it by adding white paint.

Don’t use spray adhesive. White paint is good for a light covering of snow.


The lower water is made using a 2 part epoxy resin. The waterfall was made using a piece of plastic wrap and glue.

Happy miniaturing!


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