Petite Chateau – part 4

Basement part 2

Housekeeper Bedroom and Bathroom

Housekeeper Bedroom

Now it is time to start working on the furnishing for the basement. I am starting in the bedroom. This resin furniture is some I got from an online mini garage sale.

I took this photo to show how the resin has to be cleaned up.

This shows the wardrobe in the room. I was just seeing how it might look. But also can see the bathroom pieces I may use.

In this resin bedroom set there are two side tables. I share them to illustrate issues with resin molds. The molds degrade as they are used which caused bits of the mold to tear away. The next time it is used it leaves extra blobs like on the lower right corner on the right one, but also in the grooves of them both. The left looks better because it hasn’t degraded as much at this point.

Before I use resin pieces like this, I do my best to clean them up using knives and files to scrap or file away the extra bits. Some can be easily cut away like the big blob on the lower right. But others have to be scraped or filed and still not be smooth.
Another issue is bubbles in the resin. Those tend to show as a hole in the piece. I like to fill with paint if I can, but otherwise I would use a wood filler.

Next I worked on the bathroom. It was tiny but I felt I wanted to have one.
I had a plastic bathroom set, but decided the bathtub was too large. I needed to make a shower.

I printed some wallpaper and then applied a gloss to it. The gloss changed the color but I was not willing to try to remove and reapply.
I cut 4 strips of wood to fit the shower area and glued them together. Before gluing into the house, I filed the edges to create a rounded edge inside the square. I painted it then glued in place. Then painted the floor inside the frame to match. This tile plastic sheet is fine for both.

Meanwhile I also created a shower head using a plastic clothing tag and punched foil. I poked holes for both the shower head and a drain. I painted this silver using a really nice thick acrylic paint made for outdoor applications.

The outer wall also had the wallpaper added and the color difference. So I applied gloss to the outer wall as well.

I used plexi-glass to create a door. The hinges and handle are from the same foil paper. To add the lines of the door, I just scored it rather than have separate pieces.
I may add some items to this tiny bathroom but for now here it is.

It was back to the bedroom. The bed was made from some swaps I made but didn’t finish all the extras. The bed ruffle is made using corrugated scrapbook paper that I painted.

playing with arrangements but also showing the bed ruffle is corrugated board (scrapbook paper)

I did several arrangements to see how the furniture would fit.

Headboard from scraps

The headboard was made from scraps of the kitchen furniture.

This was from the chair backs.

Because I ended up with two sets, I was able to do this twice. The first time I used my craft knife to cut and destroyed a corner I wanted. So with the second set, I used my dremel tool to cut and shape the piece I wanted.
I added thin card to the back for panels.

It was base painted blue and then dry brushed with the off white. I just glued it to the wall above the bed.

The bedspread is using the same wallpaper. I applied glue to it so it would be flexible and then arranged it on the bed. The pillows are made from ribbon and wrapped around a piece of foam.

The chair was a kit from Suzanne and Andrew’s Minis. It is resin and I painted the same brown as the door frames, but added a gloss to make it look more like leather. The painting and lamp were swaps.
The lotion and tissue box were 3D printed by Mini Etchers from the Bath Accessories kit. The mirror is a large sequin.
The doilies were from Jean Day. I bought a set and she also sent a set as a gift. I love when vendors give gifts. I really does make me want to buy from them again.

The lamp on the bedside table is a metal mini. The radio I made as a free project for a online convention/weekend.
The candy box (I believe made from fun foam covered with a print), rug (variegated cord glued around itself) and sheep picture were all swaps.

I’ve taken this picture multiple times because I kept adding various accessories.

Kitchen is up next.