The Mushroom

Once upon a time in a land not so far away… Actually not far from my home is a park that my husband and I go hiking. Recently we choose one of the less traveled paths as we often do. We enjoy these paths as we are more likely to see more nature. On this day I saw a bright red mushroom a short way from the path. I walked over to it and knelt down next to it. It was so pretty. As I knelt down, I decided to re-tie my shoe. As I did my elbow accidently touched the cap of the mushroom.

Poof! Quick as a flash, I found myself kneeling in front of the mushroom only the mushroom towered over me. I stood up and looked around. I was stunned by this turn of events. It was then that I heard, “Howdy!”

Shaking my head I looked closely at the mushroom and I noticed a white rabbit wearing a purple coat and hat. He was dressed very dapper. “I’m Herbert. I’m the manager here. This is my wife Oliva. I assume you are here for a tour.”

A tour, I thought, mmm – well why not. “Sure, yes, I am here for the tour, my name is Preble. Nice to meet you.”

Herbert introduced me to other rabbits saying, “This is Avery and that’s William in the eggcart.” They both waved hello. William spoke up and said, “Hello and Goodbye, sorry we can’t stay as we are off to make our deliveries.”

Deliveries, I thought, mmm, but didn’t have a chance to ask as Herbert was walking ahead. We entered the first floor which Hebert said was a shop and place for the rabbits to take a break. He didn’t explain what sort of shop, but I really admired how colorful the wares were in the baskets. I was still confused, so I asked, “What exactly is it that is done here?”

“Oh, we color the eggs and send them out to be delivered,” he replied.

“Awesome, I had no idea.” I was still not totally sure what was going on. I mean rabbits and eggs, I knew the stories, but never gave much validity to them. Herbert was a fast mover so I didn’t have much time to ponder on this.

We floated up to the floor above and he said, “This is our machine to shrink or unshink.” Oh so this is where the magic happens. “That’s Julia and behind her is Jackson.” he continued. Jackson was staring out the window but didn’t have time to ask what he might be doing.

“Shrink machine?” I asked.

He replied, “Yes, we color the eggs here in the mushroom and then we unshrink to go out and deliver.”

“Did you use the machine on me so I could visit?” I figured there had to be some sort of explanation as to why I was small enough to fit inside a mushroom – even one that was as tall as this one.

Herbert replied, “Yes, when you touched the mushroom it triggered the system. But you knew that or you wouldn’t be here, right?”

“Oh, yes, of course, I did. Not sure what I was thinking asking.” I think there was a mix up and he didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to be here. I hope that whoever shows up later won’t have problems. “I was just asking because I wanted to understand how it works.”

“Oh, I can’t tell you that. It is bunny science. It was developed many centuries ago. To be honest I can’t explain it.” he replied.

We next moved up to the 3rd floor – the coloring room. The rabbit ladies were quite busy here and they had lots of paint pots. I was amazed at the process. Ok, I will admit that I really didn’t see anything. I heard gears turn and the rabbits moved about, but they didn’t let me watch the process. Herbert explained that the color process was part of the bunny science. Mmm – well he called it bunny science, but I think it was bunny magic. I mean, as I thought of it, I decided they just call it that and the machines were for show.

Next we moved up to the 4th floor. Here was a nursery. Herbert explained that some of the rabbits needed care as their mothers went out delivering eggs. It wasn’t a place for them to be born, so more like a daycare.

After visiting the nursery, Herbert took me outside and we walked around. He wanted to show me Grant’s garden. Grant is the gardener. That’s Grant with the shovel and his helper Pete. We walked around and met the rest of the rabbits hanging about.

Outside on the stone pathway I saw Fred in the eggcart. Herbert explained the eggcarts were for the rabbits who couldn’t get around on their own. That’s Ray on the bike. He just got it and was so proud to wheel it around.

Sal and Slyvia are sweet on each other so they were just talking a walk on their break.

Here’s Tiffany and Sherrie, they have been collecting carrots.

After meeting everyone, I remembered where I had been before being shrunk. I told Herbert it was time for me to go. I was afraid that my hubby was worried about me. It was terrible I hadn’t even thought of him the whole time I was taking my tour.

No sooner than I started to ask, “How do I get back?” and Poof! I was back. I stood up and looked around. My husband was just ahead. I ran up to him and said, “You won’t believe what just happened….”

If you don’t believe that story, then you might enjoy this one about this project.