Scrapbook Dome

Scrapbooking was one of those hobbies I resisted. I started putting pictures in photo albums – the kind that was sticky with the plastic overlay. But between the cost of getting photos developed and photo albums vs buying minis, I choose just the photos and buying minis.

I kept these photos neatly organized in a photo box – the nicer than a shoebox replacement. One day my kids asked if they could look through them and I let them. Little did I think about how they didn’t realize how organized I was. So of course none were put back in order. I resigned myself to making scrapbooks. Like them, I enjoyed looking at them. Why take the pictures if one never looks at them.

My mom has been good to find things at thrift stores for me that I can use in minis. She found this dome (which I accepted but wouldn’t have purchased myself.) Why? because of the smaller mouth. Plus it was glued all together. Since it was free I figured I could try to use it somehow.

I was successful to unglue the dome from the base. I wondered what to put in it. I settled on a scrapbook dome.

One challenge was the small mouth. I decided to accept the challenge and defeat it by making a floor that folds.

I used matt board and cut the pieces to fit in the mouth and then lay flat once the dome was flipped up.

I made the table using fabric covering, foam core board table (it is thicker, but allows for the depth of the frame) and wood dowel legs.

The braces are paper and pin that was cut off after inserting. Then everything was painted black.

My kitty is often nearby so I decided to make her as part of this scene.

I purchased a premade cat and painted over it.

Next it was time to make the tools of scrapbooking. I started with my pen notebook.

That’s my real one and in the center is the miniature.

I used price tag pieces to make the pens and wood bits for the other. Scissors are just a hook painted to look like my scissors.

I also made copies of my cutting tools. Those I just pictures I printed then glued onto wood painted and shaped to match.

The scrapbooks are colored paper and layers of plain white or other scrapbook paper. I laid my full size scrapbooks on the floor and took photos.

Here is my progress so far on the dome overall.

Since nothing is glued down, they slide around when I put them back into the dome. But once I do I will make it so that everything will fold together.

It’s not done, but for now it is fun to set out at times with other minis.