Scaredy Cats visit Rabbit’s House

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there were three cats, they were called the Scaredy Cats but they were really the Fraidy sisters.  They were called Scaredy, because they were afraid of everything.  Callie is the oldest. Theia is the middle sister and Violet is the baby of three.

The Fraidy Sisters and friends

One day their long-time friend dropped by.  Their friend’s name is Bianca.  Bianca had been friends with them since kitten-hood, when she fell from the nest and scared them half out of their wits.  But that is a story for another day.

Bianca asked the Scaredy Cats to meet her at the edge of the forest later that afternoon. She said to prepare themselves for an adventure and wear a costume.

meet at the edge of the forest

The kittens arrived wearing silly hats and bowties. When they started their walk, Bianca started pecking at the tree limbs and calling out “Yoo hoo.”

Callie was anxious saying, “What are you doing, Bianca? Oh no, what is that?” ducking down to take cover.

“Hi Bianca. Hi Callie, nice to meet you. Sorry if I scared you,” said Mr. Lady Bug.

“That’s ok, it happens to me all the time.” Callie assured him.

meeting a lady bug

“I hate to go, but I have things to do. See you again soon, I hope.” and he was off.

Callie said, “Bianca, he was so little and I was so scared. Silly me.”

Meanwhile Theia walks around a bush and can’t believe her eyes. “Umhm, there’s a giant green thing over here.”

Bianca flew over and said, “That green thing is a tobacco worm and my friend, Henry.”

there is something in the bushes

“Howdy, Bianca. Who is this with you?”

“This is Theia.”

Henry replied, “Nice to meet you Theia. My wife is around here somewhere. Oh, here she is. Susie, meet Bianca’s friend Theia.”

“Oh, my, I just love your hat, Theia.” exclaimed Susie. “It’s my favorite color.”

“Thank you Susie, nice to meet you.” said Theia. “I like your bonnet. I bet it keeps the sun from your eyes.”

meeting some tobacco worms

“It does, indeed,” replied Susie.

“I’ll bet not as good as mine.” bragged Henry.

“Aaahh” hollered Violet. “Get it away” as she began to run around.

Bianca came up and said, “Calm down, Violet. That’s my friend Astrid.”

Violet stood still and said, “I’m sorry, Astrid. I didn’t know about you.”

“That is ok, Violet. I should have introduced myself before I hung around on your hat.” replied Astrid.

Violet meets Astrid the spider

“You’ve been there the whole time?” asked Violet.

“Yes.” replied Astrid.

“Well, now I feel really silly.” said Violet.

After meeting Astrid, Violet began to wander ahead. “Come quick. You are not going to believe this but I just found a door in a tree stump.”

found a door in a tree stump

“And windows too. I wonder if it is haunted. I really hope not because I would be too scared to hang around let alone go inside it.”

Callie arriving first and said, “I’m with you. We need to leave before something comes out.”

As Theia came up, she notices something moving in the bushes. “I think it is too late to leave.”

At that Violet quickly moved beside her sisters, as they all three cowered in fear.

meeting Mr. Rabbit

“Well, hello there. I’m so glad you are here. I just gathered some carrots fresh from my garden. You all must come inside to meet Missy, my wife.”

The three sisters breathed a sigh of relief and didn’t speak as they entered the stump they realized was a house.

Stepping beside his wife and giving her a kiss on the check, Ted said, “Missy, Bianca and her friends are here. Right on time.”

Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit, Ted and Missy

“Hi Missy, this is Violet with Astrid on her hat, I’m on Callie’s hat and then behind her is Theia. I’m so glad they made it.” Bianca said.

“Ted has told me so much about you all. It’s great to meet all of you.” said Missy. “If one of you would grab one of the chairs, we can go on up to the roof.”

grab a chair and let’s go up to the roof

“You all go on, I hear someone at the door.” said Ted.

“Wow, this is a really nice rooftop patio you have here” said Susie.

“It is indeed. I never knew one could live in a stump” agreed Callie.

“I can’t get over how neat this carved table and seats are” Theia declared.

cabbage and carrots

“Thank you,” said Ted. “I made them myself.”

Violet was looking at all the food when she said, “Thank you for inviting us to join us for your party. What are you celebrating?”

“It is Ted’s birthday,” answered Missy.

“Well, I can’t wait to dig in. Did you make any of your delicious chocolate covered carrots by chance?” asked Henry.

party time

“Over on the cart,” replied Missy.

“Oh I also spy some carrot candy. Cats, you are in for a treat.” said Henry. “Missy really knows how to prepare carrots.”

“It’s a good thing since Ted loves them so much,” stated Missy.

“Henry, she has chocolate carrot cake too,” said Susie.

“Where?” asked Henry.

“On the bottom shelf,” answered Susie.

yum…carrot cake

“Yummy! Ted, glad you have birthdays. I don’t get this at home.” said Henry.

Susie replied, “Well, tobacco is your favorite food. I can fix carrots too if you like.”

“It’s ok, Susie. I love your cooking,” said Henry and blowing her a kiss.

Happy Birthday Ted

An announcer says, “While they are all partying, we shall take a tour of the rest of the stump house. The hutch, table, and chairs are made from kits by Pam Junk. The plates and covered dish on the hutch were made of paper and plastic. The tea pot is a flat backed bead purchased from Alpha The welcome rug was from a swap.

our living space

The couch, chair, skirted table and lamp are also kits by Pam Junk. The bottle is a wood turning and was a prize from a chat.

look it’s time to party

The bookcase is a plastic piece. The clock was from a swap. The telephone is from the BPF series. The round table was plastic and painted. The photos and photo-album were swaps.

Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit’s bedroom

The bed, dresser, and chest another kit by Pam Junk. The items on the dresser were swap items. The quilt rack was also part of the Pam Junk kit. The quilt on the bed and on the rack were swaps as well as the rug on the floor.

The cabbage table and seat tops were made similar to the table on the first floor using the process outlined in Pam Junk’s kit. The carrot bottoms are resin that were cut down and painted as needed.

This house was started in 2009. It was a practice house for a bigger tree stump. I had these larger flowers but the leaves and berries worked out so much better. I finished the exterior a year later and I really like this concept of being in the woods, so rustic

here’s the back in full when it the house was finished in 2010

it’s rustic

How the exterior was made

To read how I made the interior

How I made the cats

At the end of this page shows where the battery is housed

Happy miniaturing!


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