NAME Day Hutch

In 2010, the first ever NAME Day was held. The plans for the hutch were included in the Miniature Gazette, but also there were kit cutters who cut them for you.

I decided that I would like to use a 1:12 scale hutch and change it so that I could put 1:48 scale items in the shelves portion. The difference was leaving out one shelf.

To see how I did it, check out Part 1. Then Part 2 has details on furnishing it. Also I cover especially about making plates.

Having so many swaps available it so much fun to go ‘shopping’ for a project. I find anything I think will fit then put back any that don’t.

chair from kit, table by Preble, fruit bowl by Sharon Anderson, mouse and trap by Leanna Parker

I really enjoyed using the notepads with the ME theme. I cut them to fit in as many places as I could.

A couple of years after I finished the NAME hutch, I purchased this perfume/cologne box that had a super nice sliding plexiglass cover. I added wallpaper and flooring.

Happy miniaturing!


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