Mother Goose 14-19

How I did the sections in my Mother Goose Challenge project – Here’s #14-19

14 Piggies

The main piggies are on the page of the inside of the book.  Figured there was no point to waste the cover.  The white piggy is a one that a friend gave me.
I always loved the wee piggy.  I never thought of him as crying.  His pinwheel is a pin and paper that I painted and it really moves although can’t blow it – too tight on the pin.  I looked for a template online to see how to cut it.

This piggie went to market, this piggie….
WEE, WEE, WEE all the way home

15 London Bridge is falling Down

I needed something to fill the space and this rhyme was one of my favorite as a child.

London Bridge pic

16 Three Men in a Tub

I have collected various people figures over the years.  My father is an O gauge enthusiast and he gave me a bunch of train people in different poses and shapes.  I selected 3 figures to make the three men.  These figures were covered in bad paint jobs that needed to be redone.  I had the bright idea to soak them in polish remover – straight acetone.  Well the paint came off but the plastic was melting as well.  I threw those out. Thankfully I have a whole bunch of these so I was ok to toss these and not try to recover them.
Moving to another tact I looked at the wire dolls I have made.  I have a number of bodies made but need to be dressed.  Well those seemed too much work – so I put that all aside.
Then I decided to have a garage sale and found some Christmas items.  This box included a bunch of nativity set people.  I had seen these used to make people.  I selected three I felt would be suitable and I started modifying them with my dremel tool.  here is the process:

nativity figure to modify
legs cut off, staffs cut off, removed backpacks and hat is ready to be pulled off
desiccant container emptied – use as the tub
checking the fit – what needs to be modified
butcher, baker and
candlestick maker

Part of the fun in doing this project was to research ideas for what this might look like but also I used a site that told how the rhyme came about.  It seems this one was about three maids in a tub at a sideshow/fair and the three men jumped in with them.  That’s a lot of people in a tub (bathtub or otherwise) so I stuck with the three men.  

17 Row, row, your boat

I made the rowboat by cutting a shape and sides from paper printed to look like wood. To go around the shape I folded a lip and cut a bunch of tabs – gluing them individually – overlapping if needed. The gunnel is a piece of bunka.
The guy is a kneeling nativity figure (same one I used for the butcher).  I cut the bent leg off and added it back in a different position.
The oars are straight pins that I cut the head off and then added shaped thin card for the blades.

Row, row, row your boat
gently down the stream

18 The Pie Man

One of the swaps I received was the pie man’s tray from Kim Wood.  I decided to use a resin bunny for the man.  Using my dremel tool, I had to cut away a shovel and shape the belly to allow the tray to hang properly.  Then a re-paint.

before with a bit of carving
after painting and with the tray in place

19 Rock-a-bye Baby

The baby and cradle was made by Jyl Adams
The tree is made of wires twisted together and adding some texture over the wires.  Previously I have tried making tree trunks using paper machie, layers of paint and spackle.  This time I used gel medium.  This worked very well for this purpose.  Then layers of paint to give color.  This time the layers weren’t to add depth.  I do a lot of dry brushing when adding paint like this.  Although this was more just adding several colors dabbing and brushing about all over, but not full coverage coats.

Rock a bye baby in the tree top