Laundry Room

In the early 1990’s manufacturers came out with ultra detergent in a more square box. I knew when I saw the package that I wanted to make a laundry room in my brand. Of course, I had to wait for my brand to offer it.

To make it, I cut open the window area and removed the detergent, but then later cut open the top to allow to add a room insert.

Items I purchased was the vacuum (a magnet), wash tube and the iron. I made the ironing board, washer, dryer, the box of Ajax and shelves. The two bottles of cleaner were purchased. I hand made the hangers.

After seeing this one, my uncle, who worked at a manufacturer that made same laundry detergent, asked me to make one. I took the commission and he gave it to someone in the company. Sadly, no pictures of that one. I wasn’t into making photos of minis back in the 1990’s. These photos were taking more recently.

Ironing Board

Update to add ironing board instructions.