Janie’s Fine China

Janie’s Fine China

For Janie’s birthday, I made her this china shop in a matchbox. She collects blue and white china, so all the china was blue and white.

For this shop in a matchbox, the floor is made of matt board and only the ceiling is foamcore. Both of these help to give structure.

The exterior wood trim and the interior furniture is all made of strip wood I like to keep on hand. The stripwood comes in different widths and thicknesses and is Midwest Basswood Architectural Scale Lumber.

The flooring and other signs were printed via the computer on matt photo paper. This includes the china like plates and bowls. When these items are punched out and then shaped, using a ball stylus against a foam cushion like a mouse pad, they became shiny. See my process to make plates.

Happy miniaturing!


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