Gingerbread Book Village

I’m making the buildings by True2Scale to go in my village. The current plan is to build the buildings and then make a base. I think I’m going to do an open book, but it could be in a different form.

These are 1:144 scale. I am not using the bases and will be doing trees later when I landscape the whole project.

My progress so far :

Post Office


Ornament Shop


Market Stalls

Toy Maker Shop


  • Mark pieces in pencil to help keep oriented which is which.
  • Pencil is better because it won’t bleed thru sometime in the future.
  • When adding lights, it is important to plan before building. This plan should include where the light goes, where wire will go from there to a wall, then will wire be hidden on inside or outside. These buildings have the white trim, so I generally tried to hide behind them with a groove.
  • To determine where wallpaper goes, lay the floor next to the wall and then draw line with pencil. Glue paper at the line just covering it.
  • Cutting window openings is best done before applying the wallpaper.
  • When cutting curves, whenever possible move the paper not the scissors.
  • Don’t cut down to the tip of scissors as it causes a tiny tear.
  • Cover the printed part with the ruler to protect it when cutting whenever possible.
  • I do not use a cork backed ruler when cutting in this scale so I don’t misalign my knife.
  • Using glitter, brush on glue for thin layer. Or use a tiny top bottle for applying more glue so more glitter (thicker).
  • For the first 5 buildings, I painted the trim white then once dry I separated from the motherboard. I applied glue and glitter over wax paper.
  • If any extra glue and glitter is over the edges, once dry this can be trimmed away with sharp scissors if desired.
  • If adding trim to the building before it has glitter, be sure to apply white paint to cover gaps. I tried this with the Toy Shop and I recommend to apply the glitter before adding trim. It wasn’t that I messed up not can one tell the difference. It was just slower waiting on glue to dry and can’t always move to another area.
  • Be sure to apply wallpaper and window frames inside before closing that particular room or section. Adding the lighting tends to shift my attention.