Finishing Up Alice in Wonderland

Base and floor edges

The last thing I needed to do to finish this completely was the base and the trim.
I painted the base red first, and played with writing. After not being happy with that I painted it black, but left the red on the inside.

red inside on the base disguises that the bottom is not the same size

I toyed with the idea of adding various icons of tea things, the card suites and hats, etc; but settled on the card suites doing two on the black base and then two on the red trim at the bottom of the project itself.

painted base makes a cohesive project

The trim here and then also below the tea party area was using wood veneer that is adhesive backed.

The upper trim was cut prior to applying. I painted both after applying. That’s a lesson – paint before applying as it would be easier. Typically I don’t simply because I don’t know what colors I want yet.
To adhere the adhesive backing I used my household iron for the base. But that was really too large so I pulled out an old curling iron to do the smaller trim in the middle.
Another lesson for future was that I had cut the foam base and applied the trim to it later. In cutting circles from foam board, they weren’t perfectly round so the trim left a gap of the green landscaping. I applied a little glue and was able to fill the gaps nicely. I also had some spots at the walls I trimmed as well.

Wall Edges

The wall edges were coved by paint, wallpaper, tissue paper, etc from the rooms. For each room I had to choose from which room the edge would be covered.

There is a video of this project.

Happy miniaturing!


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