Corner Vignettes

In 1995, I made corner vignettes for four family members. For each person I selected a theme or items that were things they liked.

I made the corner part out of foam core board. To enclose them, I bent plexi-glass. I heated pre-cut pieces individually on a cookie sheet. Then I removed from the sheet with oven mitts and placed over popcorn tin that I was using as a form to shape. Then the top piece was cut and the front edge rounded to match the curve.

I used faux suede for carpet.

Harlequin clowns or dolls

This sister in law collected these dolls and masks so I made her some miniature ones. The plate and vase were purchased but I made everything else.


I made everything in this one except the wallpaper and the cow doll, but I did dress her. The rug is bunka unraveled and then glued to fit the pattern. The milk bottle basket is made from cross-stitch cloth, the bench, I cut from card and then painted. The decals for the towels and her dress were cut from paper and then glued in place.

sewing room

This photo was taken recently. It shows the trim that was added to each one using poster board trimmed to fit. The discoloration is due to smoke. I did a clean up of it and added new trim using buttons. I have to take a photo of it after refurbishing it.

I made one more with a Southwest theme, but didn’t take photos of it.

Happy miniaturing!


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