Beginning Miniaturist

In any story of my history of being a miniaturist I have ever written before July 2013, I would blame my parents for instilling in me the creative gene to make miniatures because they didn’t buy me a dollhouse. 
Well, turns out I needed to correct all those stories, because I now have proof they did buy me one, I just don’t remember it.  Now, I can say they are the reason I had those dreams of miniatures.  Actually the dreams aren’t surprising as my dad is an O gauge train enthusiast.  I recall in one house he had a whole room for his train layout (some would make a library/office he had a train room). 
Is there any wonder that when one of my adult children finally left the nest that I took over one room for my studio?
My mom had been scanning slides to digital format so that my husband can create a video/slideshow for their 50th anniversary.
One day she emailed me this:

my first dollhouse

She labeled it Beginning miniaturist?

Well, she got that right, it really is too bad I don’t still have that house.  Because I know I am going to be hunting a copy of it.  But then my mom beat me to it. Well, I wasn’t looking so that was easy.

Here I am playing with a dollhouse just like the one I had. Turns out the the patio is on the right.

In March 2014, my parents showed up with a replacement tin dollhouse. I think someone felt guilty about getting rid of the one I had. Pulling out the furniture was cathartic as I remember well some of the pieces.

Happy miniaturing!


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