Alcohol Markers 2.0

Marker Organization

After using my markers, I decided I wanted a box. Unfortunately I didn’t purchase with a box. It was one step further in organizing them. Although I had added dividers in the bags of the sets I have, the markers will still move around and out of place as one is pulled out to be used.

This became even more a problem for me when I bought a set of 48 pastels. I wanted these mixed with the 72 set. I want my markers in order by color, organized.

I started with the swatch cards. They were helpful for grouping them.

Swatch cards for my two sets

Next I started arranging them by color and marking on some water color paper I have.

Swatches on watercolor paper by color rather than sets

This set was to see what each color was but grouped together. It is important to do a swatch because the cap does not reflect the true color. Even different papers can affect the color.

Next I created a new set of cards based 80 for the first box I purchased. It will hold 80 markers. I got this on Amazon and it is called: Clear 80 slot Plastic Carrying Marker Case. The cases has a grid that goes in the bottom.

As I selected the order of the colors, I marked them off. This assure me that I have selected all similar colors.

My new swatch cards

Swatch cards by color

The one on the left is for the 80 box. I was thinking to purchase 2 of them as I may expand my sets.

First box

Box with markers arranged by color (of marker not cap)
Card is held by the handles
Closed box I can view the color swatches.

Next I purchased my second box. When I went to place my order, I noticed they offered a 60 box size. Since I had done some research I determined I most likely won’t be ordering more sets. They have to offer different sets (that I would want) that will complement my sets not overlap. This meant a box for 60 would be I better with fewer slots. As it is I have multiple slots available in box 60.

Second box that holds 60

Notice no markers on the sides. One can also see the grid.

Now I can quickly see what colors are in each box. The only thing I still may do is a second set of swatches for the inside. Why? So I don’t need to close the lid to see. I could do so by making a copy. The copy could even be reduced to fit exactly inside the top and taped in place. But I don’t mind making another set. I enjoy using the markers so why not. I also enjoy organizing especially by color.

Happy miniaturing!


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