Valentine Candybox Room

One of the swaps I was in was a romantic or valentine swap, I made boxes of candy in heart shaped box.

To display this project, I took a small heart shaped candy box and combined them into two joined hearts. It isn’t obvious but I know it is there.

nightgown by Bobbi Bain, bed by by Sandi Weidler, red heart pillows by Linda Axtell, gold lamp by Alician Pearce, nightstand by Phyllis King
red and gold lamp by Helen Johnson, vanity tray by Amy Rauch, dressing table and stool by Sandi Weidler
Valentine by Sandi Weidler, fan from Irma Pinkerton, fireplace by ??
I made this glass and brass table from plexi glass and some brass findings,
the candy on the table was the swap I made for the valentine swap,
the roses were from Kathy Grissom
wine bucket by Laura Miller, wine goblets from Irma Pinkerton, table by Preble

Here’s how I made it.

One thing I wish I had done is to add a line of some sort in the carpet to show the join of the two hearts.

Update to 2.0

My husband built two chairs for me and I added the platform to accent the joined hearts.