Sunshine Cottage

I found this giftbag and knew I wanted to do this little house. I designed the house from scratch. The inside is completely furnished, I just need to get a box with cover and then finish the landscaping.

This is a house I designed using ideas from other house kits I had built.

I haven’t finished the outside as the landscaping is challenging. However the interior is done unless I add accessories.

the hutch was a leftover from another kit, I painted it to match the chair and table, printie rug designed by me via computer – my first ever
the couch and chair purchased from Suzanne and Andrew’s Minis, clock purchased, lamp from BPF, table by me
the three piece kitchen was a kit by Suzanne and Andrew’s minis, the sink was cut to fit the space, I added wire to make the metal stove eyes, the bottle is plastic
the bathroom is resin that I got second-hand
this is the BPF that I painted to look shabby, the doily was intended for larger scale, the bowl of fruit was a purchase at a show
I designed these chairs. The grill by Joyce Welsh, the planter with flowers by Helen Borders

When I did the brick, I did get far enough to add a base and some picket fence. For now it remains a WIP work in progress