Stump Dwelling

I collect rabbits and that includes small resin figures. I designed this stump to house a few of them and also display some swaps.

pink cupcake stand was perfect solution to no base for the dome

Stumps allow for a lot of creativity as does paper mache. I love the metal mesh windows and the under the stair area.

the steps were made with insulation foam cut to fit around the stump
all the rabbit figures are resin – some were ornaments – all repainted by Preble
green shelf and wreath swaps from Pat Hale,
table and couch swaps from Sharon Anderson,

using swaps is the best fun – it so makes the making of the swaps I send worth it – when I receive back swaps and then more exciting is when I get to use them

these rabbits have made clever use of the space under the stairs,
cakes on table by Pat Williams
the two sweethearts are enjoying a picnic the cloth and basket are from swaps during the 2001 QC online convention
paper mache pot torn apart and glued onto the cardboard walls –
the window is a wire mesh used to create art sculpture –
window box was a swap from Debbie Colomo
I really like how the flowers make the top area more secluded, it was also fun to include flowers that are more life-size